Salvadoran opposition stops loan of 30 million from Spain in Congress

The opposition Republican Nationalist Alliance (Arena) stopped today in the Congress of El Salvador the ratification of a loan of 30 million dollars offered by Spain more than two years ago to improve infrastructure.

The ratification of the loan only reached 40 votes out of the 84 seats, of which Arena has 35, when it was necessary the approval of at least 56 deputies.

“Many of us agreed that local roads should be made, (…) but we must be responsible,” said Mile Milena Escalón, after the vote, in reference to her party’s position of not approving loans until the government “order your finances.”

El Salvador last year was on the verge of a “default” of its short-term debt and the balance of its public debt exceeds 60% of gross domestic product, according to the Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies (Icefi).

As recently explained by the Minister of Public Works, Gerson Martínez, the loan “has unbeatable conditions” and, in addition, includes a donation of 5.3 million from the Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF, for its acronym in Spanish). English).

On March 23, the general coordinator of the AECID in El Salvador, Ignacio Nicolau, told Efe that “it would be a pity if it were not ratified” because “the conditions are very advantageous”.

He explained that the loan, which comes from the Fund for the Promotion of Development (Fonprode), would be returned to “a fixed interest of 3%, and has 4 years of grace and 25 years of grace”.

Nicolau pointed out that in order to have the LAIF donation, a European Union cooperation tool managed by AECID, it is necessary to approve, previously, the credit offered by Spain and initiate the negotiations with the corresponding entities “so that it enters into force in the deadline, which is May 11, 2017. “

The Internal Regulations of the Salvadoran Congress establish that “if a bill or a resolution does not reach the votes required for approval, it will go to the Archive”.

However, the State body “may agree to know it again or return it to the corresponding commission to be subject to further study.”

Although the AECID in El Salvador has said it will not give a new deadline, the Deputy of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), Rodolfo Parker, who did vote for ratification, proposed that “a note be written” to Spanish cooperation for “a new extension to the loan is reconsidered”.

Spain is the second country that spends the most money on cooperation projects in El Salvador, only behind the United States.

Between 2014 and 2016, the United States invested in cooperation projects in El Salvador 364 million dollars, Spain 135 million, Mexico 50 million dollars, Taiwan 50 and Japan 20 million dollars.

For Spain, as explained by its ambassador in El Salvador, Francisco Rabena, the three fundamental issues are water and sanitation works, rural roads and security.

Should I get good travel insurance before I travel?

Should I get good travel insurance before I travel?

travel insurance


It is one of the great doubts that arise to any person when traveling, especially if the trip is abroad. Do I do it or do I do it? Will it be worth it? Is everything included in this type of insurance? Will travel insurance cover me if I get bad abroad?

The answer to each of these questions is a “depends”. However, despite the fact that there are people who travel the world gambling without travel insurance and nothing happens, in most cases the reality is that good travel insurance can get us out of trouble .



Travel insurance … Yes or no?

If you have spent a year saving to go on vacation to Thailand, Japan, or any other European destination, for example, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong, lose your money and also ruin your vacation. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind with flights, with thefts, with possible illnesses that prevent you from traveling or with accidents or unexpected health problems while you are on vacation.

If you travel through Spain and you get sick you will not have the slightest problem to be treated in any hospital. However, if you are abroad, things change . Something as simple as a sprained ankle, a gastroenteritis or a toothache can become a real nightmare for you and your companions.

If you travel to the adventure and without insurance you will find expensive medical care, very expensive, and, perhaps, of low quality. In exotic or third world countries the situation is even worse. Nothing guarantees that you can access health care by yourself and, if you get it, you will surely have to assume exorbitant prices.

If you think about it coldly, the worst thing that can happen to you if you take out travel insurance is that you do not have any health problems or setbacks with your flights or your luggage. Translated: you will have paid for an insurance that you have not come to use . Be happy: you had a vacation without incident, but you enjoyed it because you were protected with your insurance.

The opposite situation would be that you would miss a flight in Brazil, enter your partner in a hospital in India or have your suitcase stolen in the United States and keep the item. In any of these cases, if you do not have travel insurance that comes to your aid, bad matter: your vacation will become a nightmare.

What travel insurance to hire?

Put in a balance the pros and cons of taking out travel insurance, it seems clear that it is essential . So, which one do we hire? Again, the answer is a “depends”. It depends on whether you go alone or with children, it depends on which country you travel to and depends on how much money you want to spend on insurance.

In general terms, the ideal thing is that the travel insurance you hire meets at least three requirements :

  • That has some margin of personalization or that at least it adapts to the type of trip that you are going to do (it is not the same to go backpacking than to an all-inclusive).
  • That they attend you in Spanish. When you are in trouble and have a serious problem, the last thing you want is to practice your English, no matter how fluent it may be.
  • Have a phone that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To finish, we recommend that you be very careful with the fine print . Before hiring your policy, ask your insurance agent all the questions you have and make sure that what you say is reflected in the policy and are not just words. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance – secure everything around the trip

Why a travel insurance?

Image result for travel insuranceUnfamiliar food, sporting efforts or lack of hygiene: a disease comes on vacation faster than you think. In such cases, you can count only limited on your statutory health insurance. Billing is complicated and even in most EU countries you are left with some expenses. A travel health insurance costs little and sometimes even applies to all trips that are made within a year. In addition to this travel health insurance, however, you can protect yourself from further risks.

Luggage insurance and cancellation insurance

Travel insurance for luggage, for example, in the theft of personal belongings. With a travel cancellation insurance, you protect against cancellation fees, if you can not start a journey. This travel cancellation insurance is especially recommended if you have small children or are chronically ill yourself, because the risk of a cancellation is particularly high here.

Scope – European Travel Insurance? Worldwide protection?

Travel insurance for illness or luggage is usually offered for stays abroad worldwide. So it does not matter whether you are traveling in other European countries, on a world tour or a business trip within Germany – you are fully protected.


In the case of package holidays, insurances are often offered for the booked trip. Here you should be careful, because you often have to pay more for such offers than if you agree on a similar insurance coverage with another company.

Services under test – What does travel insurance offer?

Some tour operators advise vacationers to take out liability insurance. However, this is unnecessary in most cases, since you are protected by your private liability abroad, optimally against claims for damages of third parties. With a travel insurance for accidents you secure benefits, if you have an accident on vacation. Make sure the insured sums are high enough. Again, an existing accident insurance usually already covers foreign travel, which is why an extra policy may be unnecessary. What you have to look out for when taking out accident insurance can be found in the accident insurance test.

Those who would like to additionally secure their health during a trip abroad should under no circumstances renounce a travel health insurance. For those who get sick on vacation can quickly receive high treatment costs. However, many travelers do not know that health insurance companies often do not cover all costs.

Vacationers can, however, suddenly become sick or flight unfit before departure. When canceling the trip, you will only get back part of the cost. With travel cancellation insurance, however, travelers can get more money back.

Travel insurance comparison: Envivas and Barmenia convince in the test

A recent study by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) shows travelers who can rely on foreign travel health insurance. But of the total of 32 tested providers, only three convince with very good results . More than a third only score with a satisfactory or even sufficient rating. Envivas emerges as the winner of the test, but it is only accessible to those insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse. 2nd place goes to Signal Iduna, closely followed by the Ergo Direkt.

The DISQ has also tested travel cancellation insurance . Here, the testers noticed large price differences. A favorable insurance cover for parents with two children can be obtained from just 90 euros a year, but the most expensive tariff costs a whopping 40 percent more. In the test Barmenia convinced with the best result. In second place is Travel-Project, followed by Würzburger in third place.

Super Saver

Depending on your personal need for protection, it pays off to take out individual insurance or to take the travel insurance in the package. Combo offers are usually cheaper than single policies, here it is only necessary to ensure that you do not pay for services that are already covered by your normal insurance coverage.

Find the right travel insurance with a comparison and save

Not every trip requires the complete insurance package. In order to save unnecessary costs, you should determine the exact insurance requirement before your holiday trip and only then look specifically for offers for travel insurance. An online price comparison can help you to make a pre-selection and to exclude overpriced offers from the outset.

International health insurance: How useful is private travel protection?

For many consumers, the planning of the summer vacation is already in the hot phase. If holidaymakers opt for a trip abroad, they should think of a health insurance in addition to sun, beach and sea, if anything happens to them. A new test shows where the best protection is. But how useful is a health insurance abroad?

As soon as it is clear that this year’s summer holiday is not going to the Baltic Sea, but to more distant countries like Thailand, South Africa or Australia, not only the sun hat will be in your luggage. Above all, a foreign health insurance makes sense, emphasize experts such as the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband. Even when traveling within the EU, holidaymakers can usually not rely solely on the protection of the statutory health insurance if they get sick or something happens to them on the way.

In order not to remain at high costs for a doctor’s visit or the return transport to Germany, a private health protection abroad is a must for consumer advocates. Travelers have the choice between many different rates. For example, there are special offers for the whole family. When choosing the right hedge, it is advisable, according to the experts, to take a close look at the terms of the contract .

Foreign health insurance, especially for return transport makes sense

Depending on the tariff, travel insurance is often available for a small annual fee. But in addition to a low price, it makes sense to pay attention to the benefits at the international health insurance. One of the most important points is the reimbursement of costs for a return transport to Germany . This can quickly bring together several thousand euros.

However, some providers only provide for repatriation if it is “medically necessary and medically arranged”. This is the case, for example, if there is no chance of success in further treatment in the holiday country. According to the Consumer Center, however, this requirement is rarely met. When concluding a contract travelers should therefore note that the insurance also pays for a medically appropriate return transport.

Is a foreign health insurance useful for chronic diseases?

A possible pitfalls when concluding travel insurance are possible pre-existing illnesses or chronic illnesses. If they have to be treated while on vacation, some insurers refuse to cover the costs. Other providers make their services to certain conditions. This includes, among other things, that the treatment was not yet determined before departure. For people with chronic illnesses, it is therefore advisable for foreign health insurance to check the conditions for their services exactly.

In addition, a tariff without deductible is generally recommended. In the case of high treatment costs, it is also advisable to obtain written confirmation from the insurance company in advance to cover the costs.

Comparison finds top rates for singles and families

When securing the health of the holidays, consumers can choose between numerous good offers. To give travelers an overview of the current top rates, Focus-Money (15/2018) has taken a closer look at 29 insurers . The testers have checked both offers for singles and for families.

The focus is on the services of providers, which are made up of services, collective bargaining, general contract conditions and other conditions, and which contribute 70 percent to the overall rating. The price makes up the remaining 30 percent of the final grade.

The top 3 foreign health insurance for families includes:

  • Allianz – “our healthy journey” and “my healthy journey”
  • DKV – “RD”
  • Ergo Direct – “RD”

All three providers are convincing for families and singles with an excellent overall rating and, in particular, offer excellent services.

Tip: Which individual services include the tariffs in detail is not clear from the comparison. In order to find the personal top protection that suits your wishes, an individual offer for health insurance abroad makes sense.

Here you will find tips and more information on additional health insurance.

One in five had to cancel a holiday before: when the travel cancellation and cancellation insurance takes effect

Week-long anticipation in vain: every fifth German holidaymaker had to cancel a booked trip before, as a representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt revealed. 1 Good, if in addition to the hoped-for recovery not lost money. Germany’s leading online insurer explains in which cases the travel cancellation and cancellation insurance helps and which insurance still belongs in the luggage.

The anticipation of a break from everyday life leaves no room for pessimism. However, 20 percent of German tourists had to cancel a booked trip before. This was the result of a recent forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt. An illness or an accident most often put the sufferers through their travel plans: for 69 percent, they were the reason for the cancellation. Work commitments prevented one in six (17 percent) from starting on vacation. 2 Sabine Kreutzer-Martin, insurance expert from CosmosDirekt, answers the most important questions about travel insurance:

Why is a cancellation and cancellation insurance important?
“Depending on how long before your trip cancellation occurs, the costs are different. Within one to two weeks prior to departure, for example, approximately 50% of the travel price is due for air travel. If the holiday is canceled on the day of the trip or if the current trip has to be canceled, usually nothing will be refunded. “

When will the costs be refunded in case of cancellation?
“Many events can lead to the cancellation of an already booked trip. The cancellation costs will be reimbursed by the cancellation and cancellation insurance, for example, in the event of a serious accidental injury, unexpected serious illness, pregnancy or vaccine intolerance. This applies to all insured persons and persons close to them. Likewise, the costs will be reimbursed in the event of an unexpected redundancy by the employer or a change of employment. But even if, shortly before the start of the trip, an unforeseen event such as a fire in your own home causes great damage, the insurance will take over. “

When will the costs be reimbursed when the trip is canceled?
“Anyone who gets seriously injured or suffers unexpectedly serious illnesses on holiday receives back from the insurance company the costs incurred in the event of unforeseen interruption of travel. These may be, for example, costs for the unscheduled termination of the journey, the extension of the stay or unused travel services.

According to the survey, Germans spend an average of 1,128 euros per person on holiday in 2013. Particularly with high-quality and long in advance booked journeys one should protect oneself with a travel cancellation and cancellation policy for all Eventualitäten. “

Why does a travel health insurance necessarily belong in the luggage?
“If you need to see a doctor abroad, you can not rely on your health insurance at home. For most countries, including popular travel destinations such as the US, Egypt and Thailand, there is no entitlement to a reimbursement of medical coverage by the health insurance. The repatriation of sick travelers is basically not paid by the funds. And this can be very expensive, a return transport, for example, from the US or Canada costs about 60,000 euros. That’s why a travel health insurance is essential. Important: Some insurance companies only pay for medically necessary repatriations. However, a medically repatriated transport can be earlier. “

How to cancel your travel insurance?

Termination of travel insurance

Image result for travel insuranceWhen it comes to the termination of a travel insurance, individual and annual policies are to be distinguished first. With a single policy you get the hedge for one trip. The termination of such a single travel insurance is not required. The insurance cover automatically ends on the specified expiry date. In the case of a yearly policy, however, termination is required to terminate the contract .

Ordinary termination

For annual contracts, all trips you make during the insurance year are insured. Separate insurance contracts for a travel booking are therefore not required. The insurance contract usually provides for a term of one year from the conclusion of the contract. If the contract is not terminated by the policyholder on time, it will automatically be extended for another year. A termination of these annual contracts is usually possible at the end of the insurance year . If the period of notice stated in the contract is adhered to, usually 1 month before expiry, the insurance will not be extended. The termination can be sent to the insurer at any time. Reasons for termination need not be stated.

The termination should be sent to the insurer in writing . If the notice of termination is served on time, the insurance ends at the end of the insurance year. Until then, there is still the regular insurance coverage. You lose by a termination no claims from the insurance . This means that you continue to be covered to the specified extent if a loss event occurs within the contract period. If you have informed the insurer of the loss event, you can also receive benefits from the insurance contract after the contract has ended.

Extraordinary termination

In addition to the ordinary termination, there is the extraordinary termination to terminate the contract. However, such a termination must be preceded by a special event. A special right of termination is granted to insured persons , in particular in the event of claims and premium increases .


You have a travel health insurance two years ago. In the current insurance year, you will reach the age of 65. Therefore, the insurer informs you that a premium surcharge will be charged. After you have been informed about the contribution increase , you have one month to exercise your extraordinary termination right. If this notice is not given, the contract will continue under the new conditions. A renewed contract is not required.


Termination by the insurer

In addition to termination by the policyholder, insurers also have the option of terminating the contract. But the insurer must also comply with notice periods . This is usually three months until the end of the insurance year. In the case of termination after the occurrence of a damage event, the deadline is one month.

Likewise, the insurer may terminate the contract if the payment of the insurance premium is not made . If the initial premium is not paid, the insurer may also withdraw from the contract. In the event of non-payment of subsequent contributions, the insurer may also pronounce a termination without notice after setting a payment period. This can result in the event of a damage event that you have to bear the costs yourself.

Avoid gaps in insurance when changing travel insurance

The termination of travel insurance usually requires a new insurance. In order to avoid an insurance gap when changing the insurance, it is advisable to cancel the old insurance shortly after the conclusion of a new insurance.

TIP: The change of travel insurance should not lead to insurance gaps and double contributions. Long-term planning is possible with the travel insurances of CosmosDirekt. The beginning of the insurance can be chosen up to 365 days in the future . This gives you the opportunity to conclude the new contract before termination of the old insurance contract. As a result, insurance gaps can be avoided.

Travel Liability Insurance

Whether a travel liability is reasonable depends on the individual needs and the existing insurance cover of the policyholder. This special additional protection is therefore not always required.


How much the travel liability costs depends on the amount of cover, the chosen deductible and the useful life. For temporary insurance solutions, you can insure yourself from just 15 cents per day. If you opt for an annual premium, prices start at just under three euros per year for the protection of an individual. For families or groups the prices are higher.

Note the number of travel days

When choosing the annual fare, you should always pay attention to how many travel days are actually covered.

Travel liability insurance can be taken out either directly with an insurer or before traveling through the travel agency. The difference is usually that the travel liability, which you take out on your own when you take out the insurance, is valid for all trips that you make during the insurance year. The insurance concluded in the travel agency usually offers the offered protection only for the booked trip. In addition, annual premiums are usually cheaper than contracts for each trip. Frequent travelers may therefore be more likely to pay an annual premium, which is not limited to a travel booking.

Travel liability insurance

A travel liability insurance usually covers the same damages as a private liability insurance in Germany. The following services are included in the travel liability:

  • Personal injury : The insurer will assume personal injury up to the amount of the agreed cover amount caused by the insured person.
  • Property damage : Damage to furniture, vehicles or other property caused by policyholders during the trip is also covered.
  • Financial losses: Arises other by the insured damage to the property, the journey liability covers the costs for reimbursement up to the amount of the sum insured.
  • Passive legal protection : This protection implies that claims of victims by the insurance company are legally challenged, unless the claims appear justified.

Protection only for damage within the period of validity

In order to benefit from the insurance cover of the travel liability, the damage must have arisen within the contractually agreed period of validity. Otherwise, the insurer will refuse the service.

Foreign liability insurance versus travel liability insurance

A travel liability insurance usually offers insurance cover with a limited validity for travel abroad. For each trip the insurance coverage becomes active again. However, if you intend to go abroad for a longer period of time, you should take care of longer insurance coverage. Many personal liability insurance companies offer unlimited liability protection within the EU, which would make additional foreign liability superfluous.

If you are planning a longer stay abroad, be sure to check your current personal liability insurance policy and, if necessary, take out additional foreign liability, which promises extended periods of up to one year.

Common power exclusions

  • Intentional damage : If you intentionally damage things or cause damage to people, no liability for travel will cover the costs.
  • Damage to movable property : If you cause damage to pictures, televisions, furniture or the like, these are excluded from insurance coverage by many insurers for travel liability insurance.
  • Damage due to wear, wear or excessive use : If damage is caused to a property because it has been overused, most insurance companies will not bear the cost. Such damage can occur, for example, when a conventional rental bike has to be repaired because the renter has used it for trips on the half pipe.

Period of validity and scope

The period of validity of the travel liability depends on your policy. It can be scheduled for a few days or a full year. The period of validity starts again every time you return to Germany after traveling.

As a rule, the insurance coverage of travel liability worldwide applies. However, check before departure whether destinations are excluded from insurance coverage. This is especially true for rental cars. In the motor insurance sector, the coverage levels in Eastern and Southern Europe are generally much lower than in Germany. It is therefore recommended to conclude a Majorca policy with travel liability insurance.

If you move your permanent residence abroad, you must take out a corresponding liability insurance on the spot.

Travel liability versus private liability

Basically, every citizen should use a personal liability insurance, because it protects against immense costs that may be caused by personal injury, property or financial loss. Therefore, it is not a question of whether personal liability or travel liability makes more sense.

Those who do not use private liability insurance should definitely protect themselves with a travel liability insurance. The contributions are small compared to the high costs that can be incurred in the event of damage to uninsured persons. The travel liability is also meaningful, if the insurance cover of the private liability for foreign travel or certain activities on vacation is not sufficient.

Where to report the damage, if I have both insurance?

If you are covered by travel insurance and personal liability, you will have to choose insurance for damage. It is advisable to contact both insurance companies first and inform them about the double insurance. In general, the insurance companies agree on who ultimately takes over the damage.

Complete travel liability

A travel liability can be taken by single travelers, families or groups. Insurance cover for family policies includes spouses and all children living in the same household. For group insurance, all insured persons must be listed by name in the policy.

If you take out travel insurance, you should pay attention to the coverage amounts as well as the individual benefits. For example, certain countries or activities may be excluded from coverage. For example, some policies do not insure damage during skiing.

How to take out a travel liability insurance

When you book a trip, you usually have the option to complete the appropriate travel liability right away. In addition, you can apply directly to a policyholder for a year-round policy for limited duration travel. You can usually conclude the contract directly online with the appropriate provider. The insurance can be taken out immediately before the trip, because the insurance coverage is effective on the agreed date. For annual policies, the insurance is valid once the insurer has received the application.

In these cases, a travel liability is urgently advised:

  • You have no private liability insurance
  • Your private liability is not valid in the travel country
  • The sum insured of your personal liability is too low
  • They are planning a family vacation with children
  • You intend to stay abroad longer
  • In your current liability insurance, certain activities are excluded from coverage

Check policy before departure

Check your policy before you travel, especially if it is older. Because especially private insurance private insurance often have limited to Germany insurance coverage and offer no protection for certain sports activities.

The best countries for travelers

The best countries for travelers

trips for travelers

The days lengthen, the temperatures rise, the meetings with friends to drink something refreshing multiply and that is synonymous with summer. And if this peeks out means that the holidays too. There are people who travel with friends, with a couple, with parents but there are also those who prefer to undertake solo trips. It has always been said that boys can go everywhere but for them it is another story, are there safer countries than others for traveling girls?

The truth is that there is no magic list. Still, among the most popular countries to undertake adventures only highlight: New Zealand as an earthly paradise; Malaysia for its natural appeal without peaches; Costa Rica for being inhabited by the happiest people on the planet; Chile with its landscapes that invite to know the culture of its inhabitants; Japan for its past full of traditions and legends; Sweden for its long summer nights – the sun barely hides -; Canada for its vast and open natural habitats that invite you to discover yourself or Ireland for its green myths, meadows, sheep -and its many pubs and its traditional Guinness-.

The destinations are many but what are the real secrets for women travelers? Start with a tourist destination, the first contact will be much simpler: the places are prepared with numerous accommodations and local transport will not be a problem to move. Even if you do not speak the language of your destination country, do not worry. You can make yourself a small dictionary with the most basic things and you will take the smiles of the locals because we do not fool ourselves, it is always an illusion that someone dares to communicate with the language of the country they visit.

Something that seems very obvious and very important: you must calculate the local budget. Maybe they use a different currency that may have more or less value than yours. Make a small budget with what you calculate that your expenses can be will help you not spend more money than expected. The most fun way to get to know a country or a city that is not yours is to camouflage yourself and live like a local. You can eat the typical delicacies of the places you visit and even stay in private houses that the owners rent occasionally for tourists like you.

Although there is no list of dangerous countries for travelers elaborated by any institution in Mail Online Travel they have dared to compile a list of ten popular destinations that, in their opinion, travelers should visit with caution: India, Brazil, Turkey , Egypt, Colombia, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico and Kenya.

Whether you are a backpacker or not, you can travel to the Conchinchina, but wherever you go, maintaining a humble and open attitude to an exotic region -or anywhere- is the key to enjoying and meeting interesting people.

What public transport is cheaper to travel: Train, Plane or Bus?

What public transport is cheaper to travel? Train, plane or bus

public transport

When planning trips, be it a well-deserved summer vacation or a weekend getaway, we must decide how to move. Public transport is positioned as the most sustainable and even economic option . In previous posts we have advised you on how to choose the best means of transport. In today’s we will analyze more thoroughly 3 of the most popular methods when traveling : bus, train and plane .

Each one presents some advantages and disadvantages that we must put in a balance according to our interests. At first glance it seems that the bus is the most economical public transport option, followed by the train and, finally, the plane is the most luxurious and comfortable. But there are other variables to consider.



Plane, bus or train to travel through Spain?

Establishing Madrid as a starting point, we will analyze the time and money that each of these public transport methods would entail. For example, if the destination is the Basque Country, the bus price will be around 30 euros in companies like Alsa and it will take approximately 5 and a half hours to arrive . If the plane is chosen, the price will be 100 euros , according to the eDreams comparator, and it will arrive in just 1 hour. Although it is true that if you add the 2 hours that are used at the airport the final difference will be 2 hours less. The train, finally, is located in the middle, with a price of about 40 euros in Alvia, according to Logitravel, and an approximate time to the bus.

Therefore, in this case the bus and the train are the most interesting options.

Plane, bus or train to go abroad?

Very few people choose to use the car when leaving Spain, in this case public transport is the preferred option, but will it work in the same way as at the national level? The answer is a definit no. It is more, just the opposite . The airplane becomes by far the most affordable and fastest option . To cities like London a bus and a train take almost 24 hours in front of 3 hours of the plane. If this argument has not convinced you yet, pay attention to your pocket. A bus to London can cost you around 120 euros on average. About 30 euros more expensive than the plane.

How to travel cheaper

Once the public transport is chosen, it is time to buy the ticket. The most common is to acquire it through the website of the company. In other posts we have talked about websites that compare prices and indicate offers to travel. In this we will give you another alternative. It is a website called Truecalia. Allows the purchase and sale of public transport tickets between individuals. Imagine that you have purchased a flight, that you can not go and the company does not accept returns. This website allows you to get in touch with those who want to acquire a cheap flight.

Finally, we must not forget the dates . Regardless of the option we choose, if we want to reduce the costs of our trip we must plan ahead , especially if we want to fly.

And you, how do you prefer to travel by private vehicle or public transport? Do you like public transportation as much as we do? Tell us about your experience!

Which European destinations are the cheapest to travel?

Which European destinations are the cheapest to travel?

Are you passionate about traveling? Would you love to know the whole world? Well, your dream can come true, because traveling does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are affordable destinations to travel both in Europe and the rest of the world .

Of course, it must be borne in mind that in order to select a cheap European destination you have to take account beforehand. In this sense, it is important to assess both the cost of going to the chosen place and the expense that will be incurred during your stay there.


To help you, we show you the five cheapest destinations in Europe , according to Forbes:


  • Sofia : The Bulgarian capital is the most economic European city, because for less than 30 euros you can find accommodation for two people, you can eat a menu for about € 4, go to the cinema for € 5 and have a coffee about 0.50 euros. In addition, Sofia is considered the cheapest European capital for dinner, a drink or a taxi. What more can you ask?


  • Krakow : The ancient capital of Poland, has a wide cultural and architectural offer full of castles, churches, cathedrals, etc. As for prices, a restaurant menu costs around € 4, a public transport ticket less than € 1 and a movie ticket costs less than € 5, for example.


  • Bucharest : The capital of Romania, known as the little Paris, has Arc de Triomphe, avenues full of trees, cafes with impressive terraces and monuments to enjoy an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Among these stand out: the Curtea Veche, the ruins of Vlad Tepes palace or the Palace of Parliament, among others. As far as costs are concerned, in this city you can eat a restaurant menu for just under € 5, travel by public transport for less than € 0.50 or go to the cinema for less than € 6. Fairly affordable, right?


  • Warsaw : The current Polish capital is a perfect city for lovers of history, since it has wonderful examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture. Economically speaking, in Warsaw you can eat a menu for less than € 5, buy milk for just over € 0.50 and go to the cinema for less than € 6.


  • Budapest: The main attraction of the Hungarian capital, is to be able to enjoy a trip aboard the Danube river, and even dine in it very cheaply and with the best views of the city. Economically it is also an interesting destination, since you can taste a menu for just over € 4.5, buy a dozen eggs for less than € 1.67 and a movie ticket for € 5.

Tips for traveling economically

Knowing the costs is more than determinant when choosing one or the other destination. However, it is also important to follow a series of tips or tricks to make your trip cheaper . They are the following:

  • Buy airline tickets well in advance . Ideally, 53 days before departure.
  • Select the correct day to travel . It is convenient to choose a day of daily and it is proven that the cheapest day to buy a flight is Tuesday. Also, it is best to avoid weekends and holidays.

Maybe you’re interested in reading | 10 tricks to save on vacation

  • Choose a hostel, instead of a higher category hotel. It has free and unlimited Internet and common kitchens so you do not have to eat outside.
  • If you eat out, choose the daily menu or the food stalls on the street, it is always the cheapest option.

As you can see, traveling low cost is also possible and there are many cheap destinations in Europe. Do not hesitate, fulfill your dream of traveling without stopping and spending as little as possible.