Everything You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance – secure everything around the trip

Why a travel insurance?

Image result for travel insuranceUnfamiliar food, sporting efforts or lack of hygiene: a disease comes on vacation faster than you think. In such cases, you can count only limited on your statutory health insurance. Billing is complicated and even in most EU countries you are left with some expenses. A travel health insurance costs little and sometimes even applies to all trips that are made within a year. In addition to this travel health insurance, however, you can protect yourself from further risks.

Luggage insurance and cancellation insurance

Travel insurance for luggage, for example, in the theft of personal belongings. With a travel cancellation insurance, you protect against cancellation fees, if you can not start a journey. This travel cancellation insurance is especially recommended if you have small children or are chronically ill yourself, because the risk of a cancellation is particularly high here.

Scope – European Travel Insurance? Worldwide protection?

Travel insurance for illness or luggage is usually offered for stays abroad worldwide. So it does not matter whether you are traveling in other European countries, on a world tour or a business trip within Germany – you are fully protected.


In the case of package holidays, insurances are often offered for the booked trip. Here you should be careful, because you often have to pay more for such offers than if you agree on a similar insurance coverage with another company.

Services under test – What does travel insurance offer?

Some tour operators advise vacationers to take out liability insurance. However, this is unnecessary in most cases, since you are protected by your private liability abroad, optimally against claims for damages of third parties. With a travel insurance for accidents you secure benefits, if you have an accident on vacation. Make sure the insured sums are high enough. Again, an existing accident insurance usually already covers foreign travel, which is why an extra policy may be unnecessary. What you have to look out for when taking out accident insurance can be found in the accident insurance test.

Those who would like to additionally secure their health during a trip abroad should under no circumstances renounce a travel health insurance. For those who get sick on vacation can quickly receive high treatment costs. However, many travelers do not know that health insurance companies often do not cover all costs.

Vacationers can, however, suddenly become sick or flight unfit before departure. When canceling the trip, you will only get back part of the cost. With travel cancellation insurance, however, travelers can get more money back.

Travel insurance comparison: Envivas and Barmenia convince in the test

A recent study by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) shows travelers who can rely on foreign travel health insurance. But of the total of 32 tested providers, only three convince with very good results . More than a third only score with a satisfactory or even sufficient rating. Envivas emerges as the winner of the test, but it is only accessible to those insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse. 2nd place goes to Signal Iduna, closely followed by the Ergo Direkt.

The DISQ has also tested travel cancellation insurance . Here, the testers noticed large price differences. A favorable insurance cover for parents with two children can be obtained from just 90 euros a year, but the most expensive tariff costs a whopping 40 percent more. In the test Barmenia convinced with the best result. In second place is Travel-Project, followed by Würzburger in third place.

Super Saver

Depending on your personal need for protection, it pays off to take out individual insurance or to take the travel insurance in the package. Combo offers are usually cheaper than single policies, here it is only necessary to ensure that you do not pay for services that are already covered by your normal insurance coverage.

Find the right travel insurance with a comparison and save

Not every trip requires the complete insurance package. In order to save unnecessary costs, you should determine the exact insurance requirement before your holiday trip and only then look specifically for offers for travel insurance. An online price comparison can help you to make a pre-selection and to exclude overpriced offers from the outset.