One in five had to cancel a holiday before: when the travel cancellation and cancellation insurance takes effect

Week-long anticipation in vain: every fifth German holidaymaker had to cancel a booked trip before, as a representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt revealed. 1 Good, if in addition to the hoped-for recovery not lost money. Germany’s leading online insurer explains in which cases the travel cancellation and cancellation insurance helps and which insurance still belongs in the luggage.

The anticipation of a break from everyday life leaves no room for pessimism. However, 20 percent of German tourists had to cancel a booked trip before. This was the result of a recent forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt. An illness or an accident most often put the sufferers through their travel plans: for 69 percent, they were the reason for the cancellation. Work commitments prevented one in six (17 percent) from starting on vacation. 2 Sabine Kreutzer-Martin, insurance expert from CosmosDirekt, answers the most important questions about travel insurance:

Why is a cancellation and cancellation insurance important?
“Depending on how long before your trip cancellation occurs, the costs are different. Within one to two weeks prior to departure, for example, approximately 50% of the travel price is due for air travel. If the holiday is canceled on the day of the trip or if the current trip has to be canceled, usually nothing will be refunded. “

When will the costs be refunded in case of cancellation?
“Many events can lead to the cancellation of an already booked trip. The cancellation costs will be reimbursed by the cancellation and cancellation insurance, for example, in the event of a serious accidental injury, unexpected serious illness, pregnancy or vaccine intolerance. This applies to all insured persons and persons close to them. Likewise, the costs will be reimbursed in the event of an unexpected redundancy by the employer or a change of employment. But even if, shortly before the start of the trip, an unforeseen event such as a fire in your own home causes great damage, the insurance will take over. “

When will the costs be reimbursed when the trip is canceled?
“Anyone who gets seriously injured or suffers unexpectedly serious illnesses on holiday receives back from the insurance company the costs incurred in the event of unforeseen interruption of travel. These may be, for example, costs for the unscheduled termination of the journey, the extension of the stay or unused travel services.

According to the survey, Germans spend an average of 1,128 euros per person on holiday in 2013. Particularly with high-quality and long in advance booked journeys one should protect oneself with a travel cancellation and cancellation policy for all Eventualitäten. “

Why does a travel health insurance necessarily belong in the luggage?
“If you need to see a doctor abroad, you can not rely on your health insurance at home. For most countries, including popular travel destinations such as the US, Egypt and Thailand, there is no entitlement to a reimbursement of medical coverage by the health insurance. The repatriation of sick travelers is basically not paid by the funds. And this can be very expensive, a return transport, for example, from the US or Canada costs about 60,000 euros. That’s why a travel health insurance is essential. Important: Some insurance companies only pay for medically necessary repatriations. However, a medically repatriated transport can be earlier. “