Should I get good travel insurance before I travel?

Should I get good travel insurance before I travel?

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It is one of the great doubts that arise to any person when traveling, especially if the trip is abroad. Do I do it or do I do it? Will it be worth it? Is everything included in this type of insurance? Will travel insurance cover me if I get bad abroad?

The answer to each of these questions is a “depends”. However, despite the fact that there are people who travel the world gambling without travel insurance and nothing happens, in most cases the reality is that good travel insurance can get us out of trouble .



Travel insurance … Yes or no?

If you have spent a year saving to go on vacation to Thailand, Japan, or any other European destination, for example, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong, lose your money and also ruin your vacation. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind with flights, with thefts, with possible illnesses that prevent you from traveling or with accidents or unexpected health problems while you are on vacation.

If you travel through Spain and you get sick you will not have the slightest problem to be treated in any hospital. However, if you are abroad, things change . Something as simple as a sprained ankle, a gastroenteritis or a toothache can become a real nightmare for you and your companions.

If you travel to the adventure and without insurance you will find expensive medical care, very expensive, and, perhaps, of low quality. In exotic or third world countries the situation is even worse. Nothing guarantees that you can access health care by yourself and, if you get it, you will surely have to assume exorbitant prices.

If you think about it coldly, the worst thing that can happen to you if you take out travel insurance is that you do not have any health problems or setbacks with your flights or your luggage. Translated: you will have paid for an insurance that you have not come to use . Be happy: you had a vacation without incident, but you enjoyed it because you were protected with your insurance.

The opposite situation would be that you would miss a flight in Brazil, enter your partner in a hospital in India or have your suitcase stolen in the United States and keep the item. In any of these cases, if you do not have travel insurance that comes to your aid, bad matter: your vacation will become a nightmare.

What travel insurance to hire?

Put in a balance the pros and cons of taking out travel insurance, it seems clear that it is essential . So, which one do we hire? Again, the answer is a “depends”. It depends on whether you go alone or with children, it depends on which country you travel to and depends on how much money you want to spend on insurance.

In general terms, the ideal thing is that the travel insurance you hire meets at least three requirements :

  • That has some margin of personalization or that at least it adapts to the type of trip that you are going to do (it is not the same to go backpacking than to an all-inclusive).
  • That they attend you in Spanish. When you are in trouble and have a serious problem, the last thing you want is to practice your English, no matter how fluent it may be.
  • Have a phone that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To finish, we recommend that you be very careful with the fine print . Before hiring your policy, ask your insurance agent all the questions you have and make sure that what you say is reflected in the policy and are not just words. It’s better to prevent than to cure.