The best countries for travelers

The best countries for travelers

trips for travelers

The days lengthen, the temperatures rise, the meetings with friends to drink something refreshing multiply and that is synonymous with summer. And if this peeks out means that the holidays too. There are people who travel with friends, with a couple, with parents but there are also those who prefer to undertake solo trips. It has always been said that boys can go everywhere but for them it is another story, are there safer countries than others for traveling girls?

The truth is that there is no magic list. Still, among the most popular countries to undertake adventures only highlight: New Zealand as an earthly paradise; Malaysia for its natural appeal without peaches; Costa Rica for being inhabited by the happiest people on the planet; Chile with its landscapes that invite to know the culture of its inhabitants; Japan for its past full of traditions and legends; Sweden for its long summer nights – the sun barely hides -; Canada for its vast and open natural habitats that invite you to discover yourself or Ireland for its green myths, meadows, sheep -and its many pubs and its traditional Guinness-.

The destinations are many but what are the real secrets for women travelers? Start with a tourist destination, the first contact will be much simpler: the places are prepared with numerous accommodations and local transport will not be a problem to move. Even if you do not speak the language of your destination country, do not worry. You can make yourself a small dictionary with the most basic things and you will take the smiles of the locals because we do not fool ourselves, it is always an illusion that someone dares to communicate with the language of the country they visit.

Something that seems very obvious and very important: you must calculate the local budget. Maybe they use a different currency that may have more or less value than yours. Make a small budget with what you calculate that your expenses can be will help you not spend more money than expected. The most fun way to get to know a country or a city that is not yours is to camouflage yourself and live like a local. You can eat the typical delicacies of the places you visit and even stay in private houses that the owners rent occasionally for tourists like you.

Although there is no list of dangerous countries for travelers elaborated by any institution in Mail Online Travel they have dared to compile a list of ten popular destinations that, in their opinion, travelers should visit with caution: India, Brazil, Turkey , Egypt, Colombia, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico and Kenya.

Whether you are a backpacker or not, you can travel to the Conchinchina, but wherever you go, maintaining a humble and open attitude to an exotic region -or anywhere- is the key to enjoying and meeting interesting people.