Travel Liability Insurance

Whether a travel liability is reasonable depends on the individual needs and the existing insurance cover of the policyholder. This special additional protection is therefore not always required.


How much the travel liability costs depends on the amount of cover, the chosen deductible and the useful life. For temporary insurance solutions, you can insure yourself from just 15 cents per day. If you opt for an annual premium, prices start at just under three euros per year for the protection of an individual. For families or groups the prices are higher.

Note the number of travel days

When choosing the annual fare, you should always pay attention to how many travel days are actually covered.

Travel liability insurance can be taken out either directly with an insurer or before traveling through the travel agency. The difference is usually that the travel liability, which you take out on your own when you take out the insurance, is valid for all trips that you make during the insurance year. The insurance concluded in the travel agency usually offers the offered protection only for the booked trip. In addition, annual premiums are usually cheaper than contracts for each trip. Frequent travelers may therefore be more likely to pay an annual premium, which is not limited to a travel booking.

Travel liability insurance

A travel liability insurance usually covers the same damages as a private liability insurance in Germany. The following services are included in the travel liability:

  • Personal injury : The insurer will assume personal injury up to the amount of the agreed cover amount caused by the insured person.
  • Property damage : Damage to furniture, vehicles or other property caused by policyholders during the trip is also covered.
  • Financial losses: Arises other by the insured damage to the property, the journey liability covers the costs for reimbursement up to the amount of the sum insured.
  • Passive legal protection : This protection implies that claims of victims by the insurance company are legally challenged, unless the claims appear justified.

Protection only for damage within the period of validity

In order to benefit from the insurance cover of the travel liability, the damage must have arisen within the contractually agreed period of validity. Otherwise, the insurer will refuse the service.

Foreign liability insurance versus travel liability insurance

A travel liability insurance usually offers insurance cover with a limited validity for travel abroad. For each trip the insurance coverage becomes active again. However, if you intend to go abroad for a longer period of time, you should take care of longer insurance coverage. Many personal liability insurance companies offer unlimited liability protection within the EU, which would make additional foreign liability superfluous.

If you are planning a longer stay abroad, be sure to check your current personal liability insurance policy and, if necessary, take out additional foreign liability, which promises extended periods of up to one year.

Common power exclusions

  • Intentional damage : If you intentionally damage things or cause damage to people, no liability for travel will cover the costs.
  • Damage to movable property : If you cause damage to pictures, televisions, furniture or the like, these are excluded from insurance coverage by many insurers for travel liability insurance.
  • Damage due to wear, wear or excessive use : If damage is caused to a property because it has been overused, most insurance companies will not bear the cost. Such damage can occur, for example, when a conventional rental bike has to be repaired because the renter has used it for trips on the half pipe.

Period of validity and scope

The period of validity of the travel liability depends on your policy. It can be scheduled for a few days or a full year. The period of validity starts again every time you return to Germany after traveling.

As a rule, the insurance coverage of travel liability worldwide applies. However, check before departure whether destinations are excluded from insurance coverage. This is especially true for rental cars. In the motor insurance sector, the coverage levels in Eastern and Southern Europe are generally much lower than in Germany. It is therefore recommended to conclude a Majorca policy with travel liability insurance.

If you move your permanent residence abroad, you must take out a corresponding liability insurance on the spot.

Travel liability versus private liability

Basically, every citizen should use a personal liability insurance, because it protects against immense costs that may be caused by personal injury, property or financial loss. Therefore, it is not a question of whether personal liability or travel liability makes more sense.

Those who do not use private liability insurance should definitely protect themselves with a travel liability insurance. The contributions are small compared to the high costs that can be incurred in the event of damage to uninsured persons. The travel liability is also meaningful, if the insurance cover of the private liability for foreign travel or certain activities on vacation is not sufficient.

Where to report the damage, if I have both insurance?

If you are covered by travel insurance and personal liability, you will have to choose insurance for damage. It is advisable to contact both insurance companies first and inform them about the double insurance. In general, the insurance companies agree on who ultimately takes over the damage.

Complete travel liability

A travel liability can be taken by single travelers, families or groups. Insurance cover for family policies includes spouses and all children living in the same household. For group insurance, all insured persons must be listed by name in the policy.

If you take out travel insurance, you should pay attention to the coverage amounts as well as the individual benefits. For example, certain countries or activities may be excluded from coverage. For example, some policies do not insure damage during skiing.

How to take out a travel liability insurance

When you book a trip, you usually have the option to complete the appropriate travel liability right away. In addition, you can apply directly to a policyholder for a year-round policy for limited duration travel. You can usually conclude the contract directly online with the appropriate provider. The insurance can be taken out immediately before the trip, because the insurance coverage is effective on the agreed date. For annual policies, the insurance is valid once the insurer has received the application.

In these cases, a travel liability is urgently advised:

  • You have no private liability insurance
  • Your private liability is not valid in the travel country
  • The sum insured of your personal liability is too low
  • They are planning a family vacation with children
  • You intend to stay abroad longer
  • In your current liability insurance, certain activities are excluded from coverage

Check policy before departure

Check your policy before you travel, especially if it is older. Because especially private insurance private insurance often have limited to Germany insurance coverage and offer no protection for certain sports activities.