What public transport is cheaper to travel: Train, Plane or Bus?

What public transport is cheaper to travel? Train, plane or bus

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When planning trips, be it a well-deserved summer vacation or a weekend getaway, we must decide how to move. Public transport is positioned as the most sustainable and even economic option . In previous posts we have advised you on how to choose the best means of transport. In today’s we will analyze more thoroughly 3 of the most popular methods when traveling : bus, train and plane .

Each one presents some advantages and disadvantages that we must put in a balance according to our interests. At first glance it seems that the bus is the most economical public transport option, followed by the train and, finally, the plane is the most luxurious and comfortable. But there are other variables to consider.



Plane, bus or train to travel through Spain?

Establishing Madrid as a starting point, we will analyze the time and money that each of these public transport methods would entail. For example, if the destination is the Basque Country, the bus price will be around 30 euros in companies like Alsa and it will take approximately 5 and a half hours to arrive . If the plane is chosen, the price will be 100 euros , according to the eDreams comparator, and it will arrive in just 1 hour. Although it is true that if you add the 2 hours that are used at the airport the final difference will be 2 hours less. The train, finally, is located in the middle, with a price of about 40 euros in Alvia, according to Logitravel, and an approximate time to the bus.

Therefore, in this case the bus and the train are the most interesting options.

Plane, bus or train to go abroad?

Very few people choose to use the car when leaving Spain, in this case public transport is the preferred option, but will it work in the same way as at the national level? The answer is a definit no. It is more, just the opposite . The airplane becomes by far the most affordable and fastest option . To cities like London a bus and a train take almost 24 hours in front of 3 hours of the plane. If this argument has not convinced you yet, pay attention to your pocket. A bus to London can cost you around 120 euros on average. About 30 euros more expensive than the plane.

How to travel cheaper

Once the public transport is chosen, it is time to buy the ticket. The most common is to acquire it through the website of the company. In other posts we have talked about websites that compare prices and indicate offers to travel. In this we will give you another alternative. It is a website called Truecalia. Allows the purchase and sale of public transport tickets between individuals. Imagine that you have purchased a flight, that you can not go and the company does not accept returns. This website allows you to get in touch with those who want to acquire a cheap flight.

Finally, we must not forget the dates . Regardless of the option we choose, if we want to reduce the costs of our trip we must plan ahead , especially if we want to fly.

And you, how do you prefer to travel by private vehicle or public transport? Do you like public transportation as much as we do? Tell us about your experience!