Which European destinations are the cheapest to travel?

Which European destinations are the cheapest to travel?

Are you passionate about traveling? Would you love to know the whole world? Well, your dream can come true, because traveling does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are affordable destinations to travel both in Europe and the rest of the world .

Of course, it must be borne in mind that in order to select a cheap European destination you have to take account beforehand. In this sense, it is important to assess both the cost of going to the chosen place and the expense that will be incurred during your stay there.


To help you, we show you the five cheapest destinations in Europe , according to Forbes:


  • Sofia : The Bulgarian capital is the most economic European city, because for less than 30 euros you can find accommodation for two people, you can eat a menu for about € 4, go to the cinema for € 5 and have a coffee about 0.50 euros. In addition, Sofia is considered the cheapest European capital for dinner, a drink or a taxi. What more can you ask?


  • Krakow : The ancient capital of Poland, has a wide cultural and architectural offer full of castles, churches, cathedrals, etc. As for prices, a restaurant menu costs around € 4, a public transport ticket less than € 1 and a movie ticket costs less than € 5, for example.


  • Bucharest : The capital of Romania, known as the little Paris, has Arc de Triomphe, avenues full of trees, cafes with impressive terraces and monuments to enjoy an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Among these stand out: the Curtea Veche, the ruins of Vlad Tepes palace or the Palace of Parliament, among others. As far as costs are concerned, in this city you can eat a restaurant menu for just under € 5, travel by public transport for less than € 0.50 or go to the cinema for less than € 6. Fairly affordable, right?


  • Warsaw : The current Polish capital is a perfect city for lovers of history, since it has wonderful examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture. Economically speaking, in Warsaw you can eat a menu for less than € 5, buy milk for just over € 0.50 and go to the cinema for less than € 6.


  • Budapest: The main attraction of the Hungarian capital, is to be able to enjoy a trip aboard the Danube river, and even dine in it very cheaply and with the best views of the city. Economically it is also an interesting destination, since you can taste a menu for just over € 4.5, buy a dozen eggs for less than € 1.67 and a movie ticket for € 5.

Tips for traveling economically

Knowing the costs is more than determinant when choosing one or the other destination. However, it is also important to follow a series of tips or tricks to make your trip cheaper . They are the following:

  • Buy airline tickets well in advance . Ideally, 53 days before departure.
  • Select the correct day to travel . It is convenient to choose a day of daily and it is proven that the cheapest day to buy a flight is Tuesday. Also, it is best to avoid weekends and holidays.

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  • Choose a hostel, instead of a higher category hotel. It has free and unlimited Internet and common kitchens so you do not have to eat outside.
  • If you eat out, choose the daily menu or the food stalls on the street, it is always the cheapest option.

As you can see, traveling low cost is also possible and there are many cheap destinations in Europe. Do not hesitate, fulfill your dream of traveling without stopping and spending as little as possible.