One in five had to cancel a holiday before: when the travel cancellation and cancellation insurance takes effect

Week-long anticipation in vain: every fifth German holidaymaker had to cancel a booked trip before, as a representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt revealed. 1 Good, if in addition to the hoped-for recovery not lost money. Germany’s leading online insurer explains in which cases the travel cancellation and cancellation insurance helps and which insurance still […]

How to cancel your travel insurance?

Termination of travel insurance When it comes to the termination of a travel insurance, individual and annual policies are to be distinguished first. With a single policy you get the hedge for one trip. The termination of such a single travel insurance is not required. The insurance cover automatically ends on the specified expiry date. […]

Travel Liability Insurance

Whether a travel liability is reasonable depends on the individual needs and the existing insurance cover of the policyholder. This special additional protection is therefore not always required.   How much the travel liability costs depends on the amount of cover, the chosen deductible and the useful life. For temporary insurance solutions, you can insure […]

The best countries for travelers

The best countries for travelers The days lengthen, the temperatures rise, the meetings with friends to drink something refreshing multiply and that is synonymous with summer. And if this peeks out means that the holidays too. There are people who travel with friends, with a couple, with parents but there are also those who prefer […]