Instant Loan – easy, fast and fair

Instant loans are now offered by banks under different names. In addition to express loans or quick loans, the so-called loan with immediate promise is an alternative term for the instant loan.

Instant loan or loan with instant confirmation?

In fact, it is not uncommon in practice for there to be a greater difference in time between a real instant loan and an instant loan. Why this is so, it is clear to you, if you are informed about which property should have a “real” instant loan and which feature distinguishes the loan with immediate promises above all.

A real instant loan is then spoken of, if the previously mentioned three processing steps, ie loan approval, processing of the loan application and payment of the loan amount, all actually run faster than is the case with a normal installment loan. In contrast, the loan with immediate commitment initially only something about the fact that the credit decision by the bank is made quickly. In most cases, a loan with an immediate commitment means that the customer can expect a few hours or even just a few minutes after the application has been made, whether the loan has been approved or not.

However, whether all further steps, ie receiving the application, checking the loan application, issuing the credit agreements and crediting the loan amount to the checking account, also expire so quickly, can not be guaranteed in the case of a loan with immediate approval. The designation requires only that the loan commitment is made quickly. However, it is only in practice that the further steps are just as fast. When comparing bids, you should therefore be careful about whether the respective lender refers to a loan as an instant loan or an instant loan. If you are talking about an instant loan or a quick loan, you should of course question the time period within which the loan amount will normally be credited upon application.

Are there instant loans even without credit record?

For some customers, it is not only important that lending decisions and loan disbursements are made very quickly, but also that the loan granted should be approved even if there is a negative credit entry. Hardly anyone is immune from such an entry, because even with unpaid traffic tickets and the resulting dunning notice, such a negative entry can occur in the credit, which, however, in principle has nothing to do with the actual creditworthiness of the customer. Therefore, it is quite important to know that there are offers on the market, which are also called by the lenders as instant loans without credit.

This refers to quick loans or loans with immediate commitment, which are also awarded on the condition that no credit information must be obtained. Among other things, you have with us the opportunity to obtain by means of a detailed credit comparison offers in the field of instant loans without credit. We guarantee that we not only use a pure credit calculator, which only contrasts the conditions. Instead, we carry out for you a very detailed and especially tailored to your needs individually tailored comparison of credit offers. You can use this comparison with us for numerous loans, all of which are awarded at your request without a credit inquiry, namely:

  • Personal loans
  • Real estate loan
  • call facility
  • Online credit
  • instant credit

In that case, you do not need to worry that a negative credit entry would result in you not receiving an instant loan.

Worth knowing: Instant loans are also available without credit

There are quite a few offers on the market where instant loans are awarded even if there is a negative credit entry. Take the chance to have a detailed credit comparison from us so that you can find the best and cheapest deals in this segment.

Conclusion to the instant loan

The instant loan is a loan type based on a classic installment loan. The peculiarity is that between lending application and payment of the loan amount should be as short a period as possible. However, there are differences between offers, especially if real instant loans and instant-lending loans are compared. Take the chance to conduct a detailed credit comparison with us. Even with a negative credit entry, you have the option of receiving an instant loan, which guarantees you a quick payout of the loan amount.