Loans without paycheck in Naples: how to get a loan in Naples without income guarantees

Getting a loan without payroll and without other income guarantees in Naples is easier than it seems. In fact, there are several ways to get a loan without a payslip in an effective and guaranteed way: today we will see how it is possible to succeed in the enterprise if we are in Naples.

Bank loan without paycheck in Naples

 Bank loan without paycheck in Naples

It is one of the leading associations in the sector: Bank always turns out to be the right choice, a must if we are looking for a loan potentially from every part of Italy on the web. In fact, searching for the most suitable solution for everyone via the site screen is very simple: once you have reached the page with url financing, it will be possible to open a new window requesting a loan quote by clicking on the appropriate section, under the first example of loan. It represents a solution for those who decide to apply for a loan of, for example, 10,000 euros to be repaid in 72 convenient monthly installments of 169 euros each with taxes TAN 5, 99% and APR 6, 90%. Instead, to study your own customized solution, once you have opened the appropriate screen, you will have to enter the amount of the loan you want to ask, choose whether you are determined to protect the loan in the event of unforeseen events and evaluate the type and number of installments by which to repay the money taken. If the loan to be requested amounts to the sum already mentioned above, 10000 euros, the applicant for this loan can choose between 10 return methods. The first, including a lower number of installments than the other nine, considers only 12 from around 878 euros with a TAN tax of 6, 03% and an APR of 10, 20%; that of 24 installments sees the amount drastically reduced to 453 euros with TAN of 6, 21% and APR of 8, 48%; when 36 installments are provided each implies the payment of 311 euros with TAN at 6, 15% and APR of 7, 75%; the 48 installments are 240 euros each with a TAN of 6, 10% and APR of 7, 36; the reimbursement, which provides for 60, evaluates each with a value of 198 euros TAN at 6, 17% and TEAG at 7, 23%; the one with 72 installments, on the other hand, provides for an amount of 169 euros each with TANs at 5, 99% and APR at 6, 90%, the one with 84 installments provides for one of 149 euros with a TAN of 6% and the APR of 6, 81 %; up to conclude with the solutions that provide for 96, 108 and 120 installments of 134 euros, 123 euros and 114 euros respectively with a TAN tax ranging from 6% to 6, 15% and APR from 6, 73 to 6, 80%. The site, in addition to presenting the possibility of downloading to accurately read and learn the Secci module that explains the basic European information on Consumer Credit, requires whether or not the prospective consumer, before proceeding with the loan calculation, wants to choose and set the benefits of insurance coverage that protects you in the event of incapacity, disability, accident, illness or death and continues to guarantee the payment of the loan requested. To proceed, once the screen has been changed and reached a new section of the site, it is mandatory to enter the first name, last name, telephone number and e-mail address, authorize the request for non-binding funding and proceed following the instructions, denying or providing the necessary consent for the purpose of site. Afterwards it will be necessary to enter personal data and work data. If it is not possible to adequately fill in the section on work data, it is important to remember that you can still make a loan request even if you do not have a payslip. The modalities, as well as the situations that lead us to not being able to leave income guarantees, are really many: the first is if the loan applicant is a self-employed worker. In this case the loan request can be guaranteed by submitting to the creditor organization all the documentation capable of attesting its own tax return, the last in time. Bank will thus be able to assess the economic capacity of the loan applicant by establishing a minimum and a maximum ceiling for the loan request based on the duration of the loan and the repayment method chosen by the contractor. The second option to guarantee the validity of this loan is given by the presence of a guarantor, a relative or a friend who, instead, is obliged to show the amount received in the payslip, which must necessarily sign and sign the loan contract and that, in the case of unpaid installments by the actual contractor, it will take care of filling the accumulated debts. Finally, the last guarantee is constituted by the possibility of mortgaging a property that will be auctioned if the loan applicant does not succeed in facing the reimbursement by paying the installments envisaged to fall within the sum provided by the contract.

In addition to the online search carried out so far, it should be remembered that in Naples it is possible to manage and quote loans of this type, without any income guarantees from the contracting party, at Bank SPA points of sale located in the way of the Constitution, in via Roberto Bracco 44, in the Traversa Cintia, in via Cintia 41 and in those Bank SPA in via Portio Giovanni 7 / ISA, in Parco San Paolo 42/43, in Via Banktino Depretis 18 and, finally, in the Management Center 2.

Loans without paycheck in Naples from Private Bank

 Loans without paycheck in Naples from Private Bank

Another solid guarantee when it comes to loans is undoubtedly offered by Private Bank, which has so far provided loans to over 20 million people. Present throughout the Italian territory, in addition to being available to its customers by taking advantage of the online services of the site from where it is possible, even in this case, to recreate and request a quote, it is presented in the Campania capital with several points of sale. 

Although the site makes available to the loan applicant numerous possibilities for requests and estimates, the contracting party not only has the opportunity to study and decide on a suitable point of sale where to go to stipulate and become even better explain the excellent advantages offered by the service from a specific sales person, but also has the option of booking an appointment directly from the “make an appointment” section of the site.

It is important to remember that with regard to loans without payroll, the institution makes a maximum loan of € 20000 available at customized conditions, guaranteeing benefits of all kinds. Even this time, however, since it is a loan request without having any income guarantees on the part of the applicant himself, it is appropriate to establish different guarantees to allow the stipulation of the loan to subsist. The first method of guarantee is the same as that already explained in the previous paragraph: if the loan applicant is not equipped with a payslip because of the job that does not allow him, as happens, for example, to freelancers, must necessarily present in the moment for the closure of the contract all the documentation necessary for the most recent tax return: although without a salary or a salary, the contractor will have to certify his right of payment by showing the economic possibilities of the last year or the last years preceding the request loan itself.

Also in this case, the second option that helps the contractor without a payslip to receive the loan he needs, is the presence of a guarantor who, with monthly income, can sign and sign the loan document and eventually take charge of the installments if they, or some of them, should remain unpaid for a time longer than that established by the contract. Friend or relative who is, therefore, the figure of the guarantor will have to go on the spot to attend the stipulation and close the contract guaranteeing in the name of the applicant, in fact. The third way is, again, the one already analyzed with the Bank company: by mortgaging a property it will also be possible for Private Bank to return with the loan costs by beating by auction, in the event of the applicant’s failure to repay the loan installments, the house mortgaged. It is good to remember, however, that all these guarantees serve only and only at the time of the stipulation of this loan, while to request and realize in front of your eyes to the PC screen your quote is not necessary to enter any data about it. To organize a request for an estimate of the amount we are interested in asking for a loan, we must first of all enter the amount we wish to request, which is in the margins of a sum between € 5,000 and € 20,000, after which we will have to enter the duration of the loan, then the number of installments based on which the monthly fee to be returned to our Private Bank institution and on which the TAN and interest rates applied will be calculated and will be calculated: immediately afterwards it will be possible to see and ascertain the price and the decisive cost of the loan in on which we could decide whether to advance our request in one of the branch offices of Campania whose addresses we have already listed at the beginning of the paragraph or choose to search again, perhaps through a new company, a new loan with new parameters to be established and calculated.

Bank loans without paycheck in Naples


We conclude these tips to apply for loans without paychecks in the capital of Campania with another famous and well-known name for this sector : Bank. In Campania, the Bank branches that you can contact are really many: only Naples you can find different ones.

Although the methods of request, payment and guarantee, even in this case, are the same as those enumerated previously necessary for the requests to be made to the Central Bank and Private Bank companies, this time we have an extra gear guaranteed by the possibility of remodeling in the course of financing the same installment making changes and establishing changes after the first six months from the first repayment of the loan repaid. This method, as well as the loan itself without the need to present income guarantees, is aimed at freelancers; atypical workers as occasional, coordinated or continuous collaborators; part time workers; students between the ages of 18 and 35 who are also given a specific loan called ” Easy Loan ” which has been specifically designed for this group of clients, unemployed and housewives.

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