Urgent Payday Loan with immediate payment in 60 minutes of money

Do you still need money today? No problem. Apply now until 15.00 o’clock your express loan with express option and still have the money in the account today. Simply apply for credit online Easy and convenient to apply for your express credit online via smartphone, tablet or PC. No waiting thanks to instant confirmation For your urgent payday loan, you receive the promise or rejection in real time.

What is an express credit?

What is an express credit?

An urgent payday loan is a form of loan in which the settlement is easy to get by and therefore a quick payment of the loan amount to the applicant takes place. Because such a loan is available to the borrower within 24 hours or even just 60 minutes, it is also called an instant loan or a quick payday loan.


  • Fast and uncomplicated editing
  • Security through VideoIdent
  • Payment within 60 minutes thanks to express option
  • no hidden costs
  • Loan payment possible despite medium Bank

Easy and fast payday loan application thanks to express credit

Easy and fast payday loan application thanks to express credit

If you need a short term loan to borrow money quickly, an urgent payday loan is the ideal solution. Without lengthy processes you fill out a loan application online and have your desired amount within a very short time. This allows you to settle invoices or fill the void on your bank account at the end of the month. Without having to commit yourself in the long term, you will pay back your loan for the next 30 days.

Credit in less than 24h: immediate payment & instant confirmation

The biggest problem with applying for a loan is the long wait until you finally get the money you need. Especially if you need money fast, delays during the application prove annoying. The credit check often takes a lot of time.

With Bank, however, you will receive the immediate promise for your urgent payday loan within a few minutes. Our credit check takes place in real time and enables the special conditions an immediate payment for the express loan. You also get the option for immediate transfer despite Bank entry or a middle Bank score.

Simply apply for credit online

The easiest and fastest way to borrow money is to apply for an online loan. At Bank, you first use the loan calculator, where you enter the desired amount and the term. Then fill out various forms with your personal data (name, address, place of residence) and sensitive data (income, financial position). Once this is done, the identification follows via VideoIdent. At the end you have to upload the required documents and the processing will take place with the transfer of your urgent payday loan. All in all, the entire instant loan application process only takes a few minutes to allow the loan to be disbursed within 24 hours.

What do I need for an urgent payday loan?

The conditions for an urgent payday loan differ in most cases not from normal loans. Even if you want to borrow money fast, you need some financial security. The most important constant here is a regular income. With Bank you can apply for an urgent payday loan from a monthly income of 500 euros. In addition, Bank gives you the option of being granted an express credit even if you have a medium credit rating.


  • majority
  • Residence in Germany
  • Bank account with a German bank
  • Average credit rating (Bank score to M)
  • Regular income of at least 500 euros

Repay the loan in 30 days

Repay the loan in 30 days

Running too many loans in parallel, you lose track quickly. Especially due to the long maturities, borrowers often no longer know how their financial situation is. However, with Bank, you do not have to tie yourself up for long. As a rule, the term for express loans is 30 days. So you are quickly financially independent again and thereby improve your credit rating.

2-rate option for urgent payday loans in installments

The maturity can also be designed flexibly with Bank: With the 2-rate option you extend the repayment from 30 to 60 days. Thus, the emergency loan also called Blitzkredit fits perfectly to your needs.

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